Indonesian Visas

Indonesian Visas

Indonesian Visas (Tourist Visa, Business Visa and VOA Extension)

What’s Indonesian Visas?

Indonesian visas have some types depending on how long you will stay for tourism purposes. If you plan to stay not more than 60 days then you can purchase a Visa on Arrival at the airport (if your country is on the list). You will get the first 30 days and you can do an extension with us for another 30 days.

Price for the VOA Extension is IDR 800,000.

List of countries eligible for VOA :
List VOA

If you plan to stay longer than 60 days, you can apply for a B211A Tourist Visa that allows you to stay for 180 days in total. You will get 60 days for the first submission and you can extend 2 times with another 60 days validity for each extension. Once your visa is finished for 180 days and you wish to stay longer, you need to leave the country and re-apply for another B211A Visa.

Price for the B211A Visa is IDR 2,800,000.
Price for the B211A Extension is IDR 2,600,000 (each extension).

This B211A Visa is a single entry visa, so once you leave Indonesia your visa is not valid anymore

Another option for the Visa is D212 Business Visa. A D212 Business Visa is a multiple-entry visa that is valid for 1 year. Every time you enter Indonesia for a period of 1 year, you can stay 60 days, but it is non-extendable. Once the 60 days are over, you have to leave Indonesia and then you can re-enter for another 60 days with the same visa.

This visa is suitable for you with the purpose of business travel activities, meetings with people to discuss business, and attending conferences or exhibitions for a Business Visa, but with this visa, you are prohibited from earning money or working.  

Price for the D212 Visa is IDR 5,300,000.

Requirements for submitting Visa Application :
  • Scanned/copy of valid passport at least 6 months before the expiry date and 2 empty pages left for visa.
  • Latest passport size photo of yourself (It can be a selfie with any background).
  • Return flight ticket.
  • Address in Indonesia (It can be a hotel or villa).

All types of those Visas don’t allowed you to work in Indonesia

All fees are non refundable if the visa application is not granted by the embassy. Please keep in mind that it’s the embassy ‘s authority whether to grant the visa or not.

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