PT PMA Company Setup in Bali

PT PMA Company Setup in Bali

What’s a PMA?

PMA is the type of company that is owned or set up by foreigners.

PMA is a limited liability company established under the laws of Indonesia. In a PMA, foreigners in the form of individuals and legal entities can be registered as shareholders. Local PT (PMDN ) and PMA are quite similar. The only difference is that in Local PT, all of the founders are Indonesian, but with PMA, one or perhaps all of the founders are foreigners. Set up a PMA, requiring you to put a minimum of 2 people as the shareholders, 1 person should be the Director, and 1 person should be the Commissioner. The person doesn’t have to be in Indonesia.

The authorized capital of the company must be at least 10 billion rupiahs which only needs to be written in the company deed as shares, not necessary to put 10 billion money into the company. Meaning, you don’t have to put 10 billion straight away in your company, but you have to put capital or investment in any amount to your company bank account within 90 days of your company set up.

In a PMA, if you want to be able to work in your company using INVESTOR KITAS. If you are stated as a Director, you are allowed to work while holding an Investor KITAS, but only in the scope of the Director Role. This is stipulated in Manpower regulation Permenaker No. 10/ 2018 in Article 10, Article 22, and Article 26 point C. If an investor is stated as a commissioner, you are not allowed to work – but you can still get the facility to apply for INVESTOR KITAS.  

To be able to obtain an INVESTOR KITAS, you should have a minimum of 12% of shares, if your shares are less than 12% you are not able to apply for an INVESTOR KITAS.

For the manufacturer of PMA, until they are set up completely, it takes 7 – 10 business days.  We will provide you with the form for the company setup, we will need all the information details for the PMA below based on the form.

Requirements for submitting PMA  :
  • Company name – Please fill minimum 2 options of name ( should be a minimum of 3 words and 3 letters )
  • Required to have an Investment Plan minimum IDR 10 Billion for each business sector.
  • 100% paid up capital or minimum IDR 10 Billion.
  • Each person’s role ( to set up a PMA you need a minimum 2 people, 1 person should be the director and 1 person should be the commissioner )
  • KBLI ( you can put a minimum of 1 business sector and a maximum of 5 business sectors ). Here is the link for all Business Sector – OSS – KBLI 202O if you are confused to find the right KBLI or business sector, you can just write the business activities you want to put in your PMA and we will find the right KBLI for you.

Please note some sectors of the business can be fully owned by foreigners. But there are certain sectors that cannot be fully owned. The restrictions are listed in a regulation called the Indonesian Negative Investment List.

  • Business location. You need to prepare some documentation on the grounds of your company location. Choose your physical address and get local permissions.

Cost for the services : IDR 18,000,000

Please note, all company paperwork or documents will be in Bahasa. If you need to be translated into other languages you can use a sworn translator once the PMA is set up

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